Protecnic It also establishes a Quality System for its suppliers. One of the requirements of the Quality System establishes the need to evaluate and select Suppliers based on their ability to meet established commercial commitments. In order to qualify as Homologated Suppliers, a continuous evaluation of the supplier is carried out, and any of the following situations may occur:

    • Maintenance as an approved supplier.
    • Proposal of corrective actions to the supplier.
    • Evaluation of its Quality System with a visit to the supplier's facilities.
    • Exclusion as an approved supplier for all or for any of the supplies for which it was initially approved.

This assessment will be made through the severity and quantity of these incidents, where Protecnic will take the appropriate measures, and if necessary the provider will be dispensed with. If 20% of non-conforming services are exceeded or the nonconformity is very serious, the supplier or subcontractor will be devalued.