PROTECNIC ENGINEERING (onwards Protecnic), is an Engineering and Consulting Company that provides its services directly to its clients, which must and must guarantee that the quality offered by its professionals and collaborators complies with previously established standards.

The Quality Policy of Protecnic It is defined by Direction, and under the following scope:


Protecnic endorses the commitment to:

  • Understand and meet the expectations of customers, and other interested parties. Identify the cause of errors to solve them. Continuously improve the efficiency of the system and its processes, with the aim of being better competitors.
  • Cultivate an environment of high motivation that allows employees a greater internal development, reconciling their personal and professional life, thus helping them to give the best of themselves.
  • Performing technical assistance and engineering consulting and engineering project studies, in collaboration with clients, for the development of their projects with the utmost rigor and professionalism.
  • Actively manage risks and opportunities and proactively identify and adopt best preventive practices
  • Acquisition of the commitment to comply with the legal requirements applicable to Protecnic.


With these premises, Protecnic has established a Quality System and is committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure compliance with the quality standards related to the management it performs, selecting good professionals and giving them excellent training, ensuring that they provide the best quality to our clients and other interested parties, guaranteeing at all times the fulfillment of our acquired commitments and the requirements applicable to our organization.

The guidelines of the Quality Policy will serve as a frame of reference for the establishment and review of particular quality objectives. These objectives will be disseminated to the rest of the organization and will be established in the relevant functions and levels within it, with the progress in achieving them and their consistency being periodically evaluated.

The address of Protecnic fully supports the commitments of our Quality Policy, as well as compliance with the guidelines contained in the documentation on which our Quality Management System is based.

 Quality Policy in force since: 22/02/2022.