Simulation and calculation of system dynamics for the design of products, which are esencial for the monitoring of cost and production processes.

The knowledge of our engineers in terms of technology and processes allows innovation of products while reducing development timings.

Simulations types:

  • Linear/non-linear structural análisis: subsystems and components, linear materials, composed materials, vibrations.
  • Fatigue: fatigue analysis depending on loads.
  • Stress Test, damages reproduction.
  • Heat transfer.

Use model

Delivery of definition model used and simulation functional report:

  • Definition: model construction criteria
  • Development of products: results analysis and design validity.
  • Useful life: design and performance optimization.


  • Postprocessing: Ensight, Paraview
  • Calculus: Ansys, LS-Dyna, Matlab
  • Meshing: TrueGrid, Ansa
  • Rendering: Cinema 4D, Autodesk Alias